USA remains king of spam

Insecurity outfit Sophos has published its latest report into the top twelve spam relaying countries, covering the second quarter of 2010. And according to its findings, the USA continues to be the number one 'spam polluter' pumping out 15.2 per cent of all global spam messages

The UK chipped in with an output accounting for 4.6 per cent of the world's spam, this sees the UK jump to fourth place in the spammers' top ten.

Here it is, according to Sophos

1. USA 15.2%
2. India 7.7%
3. Brazil 5.5%
4. UK 4.6%
5. S Korea 4.2%
6. France 4.1%
7. Germany 4.0%
8. Italy 3.5%
9. Russia 2.8%
10. Vietnam 2.7%

According to Sophos, spam is becoming increasingly malicious - not just advertising unwanted goods, but spreading links to malicious websites and computer-infecting malware.

"Spam will continue to be a global problem for as long as it makes money for the spammers. It makes commercial sense for the criminals to continue if even a tiny proportion of recipients clicks on the links," said the firm's spokesman, Graham Cluley.

Spam makes up 97 per cent of all messages received by business email servers, the firm reckons.