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Apple holding press conference over iPhone 4 problems

Apple has announced to the media they will be holding an unscheduled press conference this Friday, all in order to talk about the iPhone 4 with the possibility of the signal dropping issue on the agenda that have plagued the handset since day one.

The conference which will be held at the headquarters in the USA will be at 6pm UK time, where no further details have been mentioned. Speculation has been rife over whether they will recall the new fourth generation Apple mobile, which will be a vast operations seeing as they sold 1.7 million iPhone 4 handsets in just 3 days.

What could be a more likely scenario would be that Apple will put the world at ease by openly discussing the issue relating to the signal problem, as their open letter last month did not go down as well as they expected where its contents surrounded the miscalculation of the signal reception on their phones.

Another reason for the conference taking place would be around the announcement of the update to the iOS 4, or at the very least confirming a delivery date in which Apple believes this fix will resolve the signal issues by recalculating a more realistic reception algorithm for the phone.

Either way, we will bring you the news of what happens, so stay tuned – if you can get a reception that is.

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