Apple iPhone 4 Press Conference Expected Tomorrow

Apple has apparently invited selected members of the press at a "special" event to be held in California, most probably at their headquarters at 1, Infinite Loop in Cupertino.

Jim Dalrymple, a CNet Blogger, was amongst the first ones to report the invite. No information was available except for the fact that it will be an iPhone 4 event and will be held at 10AM PST.

One can expect Apple to address the growing uproar caused by technical issues many users have been encountering since launch.

However, the key focus is likely to be the reception problems that have been plaguing so many of us and which causes calls to drop.

Apple initially issued a statement asking users to hold the iPhone 4 in a different way or buy one of the £20 bumper cases available.

Clean fingers getting in contact with the handset's metal antenna were apparently identified as the root cause of the whole ruckus.

In another botched attempt to squash the reception problem, Apple said that they had found a bug in the way signal bars were being displayed by the iPhone 4, something the company said, would be solved by the soon to be released iPhone OS 4.01.