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Apple iPhone 4 update now available

Apple has released an update to their latest iOS 4 mobile phone operating system and ahead of their press conference, all with a view to resolve the issues that have surrounded the handsets signal problems.

The 180MB firmware update is available from the usual source of iTunes as of Thursday evening, for all those 1.7 million purchasers of the iPhone 4 along with the older iPhone 3G/3GS owners that have upgraded to iOS 4.

This service release or hotfix to Apple's mobile phone OS is geared up to fix the signal issues that have been seen within their latest mobile phone, whilst at the same time supposedly correcting the display of the reception which apparently has been miscalculated in the past.

Apple notes in the accompanying documentation for the update states this "improves the formula to determine how many bars of signal strength to display", although how they missed this problem in the past has gone unanswered.

It has already been noted by those early adopters of the update that Apple has increased the size of the bars in displaying the signal, just to make the reception visually clearer with its recalibration already firmly in place.

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