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Apple To launch New Macbook Air & iPod Touch?

Apple is likely to release a smaller version of the Macbook Air laptop together with an iPod Touch with a 3-megapixel camera when the company religiously releases new products in August and September.

According to Digitimes (opens in new tab), there will be a Macbook Air with an Intel Core ULV processor based on the latest i-series range plus a 11.6-inch display that's smaller than the 13.3-inch display; we're not sure whether Apple will stick to the 1366x768 pixels resolution.

Our hunch is that Apple will use the Core i5-560UM, a dual core ULV "Arrandale" processor that will be released in Q4 2010 and has a TDP of only 18W. The older Intel Core 2 Duo SL9300 processors found in the current MBA's boosts a similar TDP.

Mingchi Kuo, Digitimes's Senior Analyst, is convinced that the smaller Macbook Air will be slimmer and sports an even lighter design compared to the previous versions, which is entirely possible given the fact that the old MBA's had a chassis that could accommodate a 15.6-inch LCD display.

As for the iPod Touch, Kuo claims that it will have the same A4 processor found on the iPhone 4 and the iPad and a 3-megapixel camera, possibly similar to that on the iPhone 3GS. Digitimes however did not say whether there will be two cameras and whether Facetime will indeed be bundled.

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