iOS 4.1 fails to fix iPhone 4's death grip

Apple has rushed out its phone OS update iOS4.1 in beta form, which it has made available to developers.

These developers are loading up the new OS with one thing on their minds - to find out whether to software manages to fix the death grip problem that causes the phone's antenna to lose signal if held in an Apple-unfriendly manner - like in your hand.

And while developers report that the comms firmware has been updated, the only promise that Apple seems to have fulfilled is the one that said that the signal reception bars would be beefed up into order to show fewer, fatter bars rather than more, thinner ones, as its signal strength algorithm was borked.

Beyond that, the death grip issue remains untouched, as you can plainly see in this video:

If you compare that with our own video of the problem demonstrated on plain old iOS4 you'll see a remarkable similar occurrence.

Despite the wailings of our resident Apple fanboy here, the cock-up will undoubtedly put pressure on an embattled Apple, as attempts to put its case to a tame press tomorrow.