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iTunes Users Willing To Pay For Cloud Service

According to a recent survey by research group NDP, owners of the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices would be willing to pay for a cloud-based iTunes service.

The 'iTunes Usage Report' indicates that more than a quarter of Apple fans have "expressed strong interest" in a free iTunes music streaming service, while many others have no problem in paying a subscription fee to "access their own music libraries from multiple devices and platforms."

The NDP Group said: “Between 7 million and 8 million iTunes users in the U.S. would have strong interest in one of the paid subscription options.”

"These consumers indicated a willingness to pay a minimum monthly fee of $10--either for streaming music or access to their personal music libraries on multiple devices."

Apple is rumoured to be in the process of launching a cloud-based iTunes service designed to allow users to access their music files from any internet connected device, but CNET reports that the company is yet to begin talks with top music labels, indicating that the launch is still months away.