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News@5:Apple iOS 4.1, Google Map's New 'Landmark' & Milo At TED

MP Tessa Jowell has appeared as a landmark between Big Ben and Westminster Palace, thanks to Google Maps, the BBC News has reported.

Microsoft's virtual human, 'Milo', has appeared at the Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED) conference in Oxford, UK. The appearance is his first public outing since being unveiled at the E3 Expo last year.

Apple has released the iOS 4.1 software development kit (SDK) to developers, leading to speculation as to whether a cure for the infamous iPhone 4 'Death Grip' problem may be on its way.

Apple is likely to release a smaller version of the Macbook Air laptop together with an iPod Touch with a 3-megapixel camera when the company religiously releases new products in August and September.

Hackers have attacked 25,000 PCs affected by the Windows Help and Support Center zero-day vulnerability, patched yesterday.