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Office 2010 Sales "Disappointing" Says NPD

Sales of Microsoft's new Office 2010 productivity suite have been "disappointing" according to initial figures published by research firm NDP Group.

According to a post on the NDP Group blog, sales of the software, launched on 15 June, were down compared to the initial two weeks of Office 2007.

Writing on the blog, Stephen Baker, Vice President Industry Analysis at the NDP Group, wrote: “Mainstream consumers have not embraced the concept of the cloud, nor are they likely in the short to mid-term, making most of the questions around free software moot.”

Baker explained that the reason behind the low Office 2010 sales was that the company had launched the product in a comparatively slow market.

He also made it clear that the low initial sales figures for Office 2010 had nothing to do with alternative software like Google Docs.

"While products like Google Docs are certainly playing a part in the overall productivity software ecosystem, it is a virtual certainty that the slower than expected initial sales of Office 2010 have nothing to do with free alternatives, be they Google Docs or Office 2010’s own online version," he said.

"These products have little awareness among the mainstream consumer who is the retail boxed version’s primary customer," he added.