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Rumour: Dual Fermi card coming tomorrow

Now that Nvidia's low-power GF104 slice of Fermi silicon has finally been let out of the gates, it looks as though the Green Team's partners feel they can safely put two Fermi chips on one board.

At least that's the current speculation surrounding a mysterious countdown which recently appeared on EVGA's website. The ticking digits are destined to roll down to zero at 1pm tomorrow UK time, but it's the web page's title that's getting people thinking.

Paying homage to Spinal Tap's green-blooded axe-man Nigel Tufnel, the website has the simple title of "EVGA Goes Two Eleven." Of course, this could mean anything, but the deliberate use of the number "two" rather than "to" is a definite hint at something with dual-GPU graphics. After all, EVGA only really makes motherboards and graphics cards.

We reckon the "Eleven" simply refers to DirectX 11, while the general reference to Spinal Tap's customised Marshall amps is code for a product at the extreme end of the scale. One louder, you could say.

It all adds up to a dual-GPU DirectX 11 graphics card, if you ask us. Seeing as EVGA is an exclusive Nvidia partner when it comes to graphics, that would mean a dual-Fermi graphics card.

Of course, this is all speculation and we could end up looking like chumps come 1pm tomorrow, but we reckon this could be the first dual-Fermi graphics card to hit the streets.

We'll be keeping an eye on EVGA's website tomorrow.