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Tegra 2 delays holding up Sony PSP2 - report

The inimitable Charlie Demerjian over at Semi Accurate said he had a run-in with a mole that popped its head above ground in his vicinity, having burrowed all the way from a bunker in Santa Clara. Quite where the mole surfaced is a matter for Charlie and said rodent.

Charlie says his mole - we'll call him George - was once an engineer at a firm named Nvidia, where he worked - until quite recently - on the Tegra team.

George says Sony's PSP2 will be powered by Nvidia's Tegra 2 chip but the Japanese console king is having to sit around counting its thumbs as Nvidia is behind schedule with the chippery.

Charlie - or George - says the main problem with Tegra 2 - as with most things that are supposed to fit in your hand - is power consumption. "Tegra 2 is 20%+ over power budget," is says here. Where it also says: "Sony is said to be very miffed at Nvidia right now."

The PSP2 is scheduled to be shown off at CES come the New Year, but George is suggesting this is now highly unlikely.

Whether George is just peeved at (apparently) having been rendered redundant, or whether Charlie is on to something - and in our experience he usually is - time will tell.

Nvidia is certainly unlikely to. But feel free chaps.