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Acer Launches World's Slimmest LED Monitors

Taiwanese manufacturer Acer has unveiled a quartet of LED monitors as part of its S1 series, which it claims are the slimmest in the world, with a thickness varying from 13mm to 15mm and diagonal sizes going from 18.5-inch to 23-inch.

The four models offer up to full HD resolution (1920x1080 pixels), a rather high contrast ratio (12,000,000:1) and 5ms response time. Connectivity wise, users will be able to connect via VGA port, DVI with HDCP protection and optionally HDMI on the bigger sizes.

All four come with Acer's EcoDisplay pedigree which means that they respect some basic environmental concerns such as EnergyStar 5.0, the absence of any hazardous substances like halogen gases, mercury, PCV, BFR and consume up to 68 per cent less compared to traditional LCD screens.

The devices come with three year return to base warranty and will cost anything from £120 for the 19-inch model to £170 for the 23-inch one. However, we've seen at least two instances where the price of the 23-inch model was higher than the actual SRP.