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Apple Engineers Aware Of iPhone 4 Antenna Issues

Apple engineers were aware of problems with the new antenna design on the iPhone 4 a year before the smartphone was launched, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Citing internal sources familiar with the matter, the Wall Street Journal claims that the engineers knew the risks associated with the new antenna design but still went ahead with its development as Apple CEO Steve Jobs liked the design so much.

Apple is also said to have given wireless carriers considerably less time than usual to test the smartphone. According to the sources, if testing had lasted as long as typical, the flaw may have been discovered by carrier partners.

The sources also suggested that Apple does not plan to announce a recall at today's press conference.

Apple has received much criticism for its handling of the issues from consumers and reviewers alike, and now senators are getting involved - US Senator Charles Schumer has demanded Steve Jobs come up with a permanent solution for the reception problem at no cost to the customer.