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Apple Grabs Record Share of Laptop Market

Apple has increased its share of the laptop market, will nearly one in ten notebooks sold in teh second quarter of 2010 bearing the company's logo.

Research firm Gartner revealed that Apple's share of the US laptop market had risen to 9.8 per cent from a market share of 9.1 per cent during Q2 2009 - a record for the company. The figure represents a growth in actual sales of 24.7 per cent since last year.

The research firm did not include Apple's iPad in the study, saying that the popularity of the device could be leading to cannibalisation of the market, with the new category of product eating into the market of other, existing products.

In a statement, Mikako Kitagawa, principal analyst at Gartner, said: “Surging popularity of Apple's iPad temporarily cannibalised mini-notebooks, as well as consumer notebook sales to some degree.”

She added: "It is not certain at this stage if the cannibalisation will continue with the current price."

Data released by at the same time by analysts IDC indicates that desktop PCs outsolds than laptops, owing to a rise in IT spending by the enterprise market.