Apple iOS4 update bricks multiple iPhones

It's just a few short hours before Steve Jobs will stand in front of the world's press to explain exactly what is wrong with the iPhone 4, but the company's woes just keep on building.

Since Apple released an emergency update to the beleaguered handset's iOS4 operating system earlier today, an avalanche of bewildered iPhone users have been bombarding the company's forums with tales of infinitive restart loops, failed upgrades and even some permanently bricked hardware.

Apple seems to be aware of the issue as a number of users have reportedly returned their unresponsive iPhones to Apple stores and been given an immediate replacement.

Many users are reporting Error(9) messages which relate to unexpected disconnections on the USB buss. This problem may be alleviated by using one of the host machine's local USB ports rather than one attached to a hub, or by temporarily disconnecting any other USB devices you may have connected.

A large number of the other complaints seem to stem from server issues no doubt caused by the sheer volume of users trying to download the iOS4.0.1 upgrade at the same time.

Others are reporting having to completely restore handsets to factory settings before the update will take hold, but this would appear to be confined to owners of older handsets including the 3G and 3Gs.

It's early days yet for iOS4.0.1, and as we all know all firmware updates have their casualties when they are seeded to millions of devices, a tiny percentage of which would have died in any case, but we'll be keeping an eye on this one all the same.

And in case you were wondering, our upgrade was glitch free, if pretty much pointless.