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Apple responds to the iPhone 4 signal problems

Apple's impromptu press conference to address the issues over signal problems with the iPhone 4 resulted in the offer of a free case, to all purchasers of their latest handset.

The case, or what looks more like the rubber bumper around the outside bumper cars at fairgrounds, will be available from the Apple website as of July 22nd where the iPhone 4 purchaser can also return their mobile for a refund if not fully satisfied with the results.

The free bumper that usually costs £25 and is wrapped around the sides of the phone, which therefore prevents the "death grip" or where the handset holder makes contact between the break in two parts of the iPhone 4's antenna - which reportedly results in the loss of signal.

Apple mentioned the bumpers might not stretch that far and there will be third party cases available, as the demand will be high for the now 3 million iPhone 4 owners with this offer expiring on September 30th.

Apple's boss Steve Jobs admitted "we're not perfect. We know that, you know that. And phones aren't perfect either". In the press conference, he also said iPhone 4 wasn't alone and roped in BlackBerry, Samsung and also HTC where he accused them of a similar fault in their latest models and went on to prove this with a drop in signal by using a similar grip.

Although the case will not resolve the issue entirely, it could effectively put a fairly literal plaster over the problem in the meantime.

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