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Could ZTE Be The Next HTC?

ZTE has long been associated with the very low end of the mobile phone market with the likes of the ZTE F102 or the ZTE X760 (AKA T-Mobile Vairy or Orange Vegas) gradually cementing the Chinese brand as a great entry level mobile phone manufacturer.

But the launch of the ZTE Racer might soon change this; with a selling price of £99 (excluding a compulsory £10 on PAYG at 3 UK), this touchscreen device is the cheapest Android phone on the market.

Likewise, the ZTE F102 (which we reviewed here) was and still is the cheapest 3G phone on the market, selling for as little as £17.16 here.

Like ZTE, HTC started by selling phones for others to rebadge (Orange and O2 notably) but then started gradually to come out of the shadows with some significant models like the HTC Touch and the HTC Desire.

Expect ZTE to follow the same trajectory in a shorter period compared to HTC although they will be working closely with mobile network operators. They have already confirmed to Techradar that they will be launching a second Android mobile phone soon in the UK.