FaceTime Set For iPad And iPod Touch

Apple is planning on equipping future iPads and iPod Touches with front facing cameras to bring FaceTime video conferencing technology to the devices, according to a report on Boy Genius Report.

According to a BGR source within Apple, the company is planning to roll out the real-time communications tools to an array of Apple mobile devices and computers, but is focussing, for now, on bringing the technology to iPad and next generation iPod Touch devices.

iPad and iPod Touch devices are not phones, and so do not have phone numbers, so Apple plans to allow users to invite others for a FaceTime conversation using their e-mail address.

Each Apple device is registered to the user's Apple ID, allowing the device to use e-mail addresses to launch FaceTime, instead of phone numbers.

The company also plans to add instant push message functions to FaceTime, provisions for which have been provided in the new iOS 4.1 SDK.