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Go high-def for free!

Go high-def for free! Panasonic's VT20 series televisions come with Freeview HD and Freesat HD tuners built in, which means you can access top-notch high-definition TV broadcasts for free, either via satellite or using a standard TV aerial – all for free!

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Both Freeview HD and Freesat broadcast high-definition programmes from the BBC and ITV, with more HD channels on the way.

With the Panasonic VT20 series' built-in HD tuners, there's no need to buy a new set-top box to access these HD channels.

And if you live in an area that receives Freview HD broadcasts and currently watch Freeview, the chances are you won't need to change your aerial either – just plug in your new TV set and go! To find out if Freeview HD is available in your area, visit