iPhone iOS 4.0.1 is out now

Apple has issued iOS4 version 4.0.1 which changes the way the handset displays carrier bars and not a lot else.

It was widely predicted that Apple would offer a software fix for poor carrier reception, despite the company's insistence that the iPhone 4's cellular performance is its best ever.

Reports that the modem firmware would be upgraded as part of the patch also turn out to be incorrect, as the handset reports the same version 01.59.00 as before.

Rumours that Apple would be including a new digital watermarking system which could report if an iPhone had ever been jailbroken could not be confirmed or dismissed at the time of writing.

What we can confirm is that Apple has changed the formula which works out how many carrier bars to display and that, where we consistently showed five bars whilst slaving away in THINQ's dusty bunker before the update, we're now lucky if we get three.

That drops to a worrying one bar when using the patented death grip...

Apple says that the new software is more accurate at telling when you have a shonky signal but it won't actually improve the amount of dropped calls you experience, if you have experienced any at all.

Apple is holding a press conference later today at which it is expected to try to explain away its antenna woes.

We fully expect them to point out that the iPhone 4 is working fine and that all of the brouhaha is nothing more than Apple-bashing by click-bait bloggers who have never even held an iPhone let alone lived with one and used it on a daily basis.