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Microsoft To Co-Fund Windows Phone 7 Software Developments

Microsoft has announced it will be supporting software development projects on its upcoming Windows Phone 7 platform, Network World has reported.

The company has said that it is willing to co-fund development.

According to the company, it has often supported software development projects in the past, but had never co-funded them in such a manner.

Microsoft said: “Windows Phone 7 is a significantly more ambitious effort than anything we've attempted before; the target customer base is bigger, the developer community and opportunity is bigger, and our efforts to redesign the UI and developer platform have been significant.”

Microsoft will support development projects by offering free developer tools, test devices, personal support, marketing support, events and hands-on training.

The company also said that it will only be co-funding software development projects in special cases.

"The limited use of co-funding to help initiate strategic projects is not new to Microsoft; furthermore, developers tell us that we do not engage in any co-funding activity outside the scope of our competitors," Microsoft said.