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PC Zone To Shut Down After 17 Years

Computer gaming magazine PC Zone is set to shut down after it releases its 225th issue on 2 September 2010, the BBC News (opens in new tab) reported on Wednesday.

Launched 17 years ago, PC Zone (opens in new tab) was the UK’s first ever magazine dedicated to PC gaming.

The magazine was founded after multi-format games magazine Zero dissolved, using Zero's staff as the backbone for the new PC gaming magazine. The magazine saw its best days during the 1990s, when PC gaming industry was at its peak.

Renegade PR's Tim Ponting, PC Zone's first publisher, said that at the beginning, no-one wanted to publish it.

"At the time, the received wisdom was that no one would buy it. But it was a huge success, and the humour followed the legacy left by Zero magazine. It was public schoolboy, very clever, holier-than-thou, but it worked," said Ponting.

According to its last audit the magazine, which is currently owned by Future Publishing, was selling around 11,000 copies in a month. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.