Privacy Still A Major Issue For Social Network Users

Privacy is still a significant concern for the majority of US social network users, two separate surveys have revealed.

According to a telephone survey conducted by The Marist Institute for Public Opinion, around 50 per cent of social networking platform users said they were either "concerned" or "very concerned" about the way their private information is shared on social networking platforms.

The survey also revealed that 29 per cent of respondents were not very concerned about their privacy on social networking platforms - and 21 per cent said they were not concerned at all.

Older social network users were more worried that younger ones. Sixty-five per cent of users over the age of 60 told the survey expressed concerns over privacy.

A separate survey conducted by security firm Webroot claims that around 30 per cent of UK and US mobile users have used geo-location applications and tools.

Around 55 per cent of geo-location users said they worry that the service invades their privacy, while 45 per cent said they are concerned that it tips off burglars that they're not at home.