Searching Without Searches Is The Future Says Google Fellow

At an event held at Google HQ in London, Amit Singhal, one of the four Google Fellows worldwide, hinted at what comes next in the convoluted world of online search from the biggest search engine around.

Singhal is one of the most senior engineers at Google, having been with the company for more than a decade and worked closely with Gerard Salton, widely regarded as the "father of digital search".

Most importantly, Amit is the head of Google's ranking team, the equivalent of the head chemist who knows the secret recipe of Coca Cola (or KFC succulent chicken).

The slide below shows what he considers to be his next big dream; "searching without searches" and we were quick to point out that Google seems to be very much focused on mobile computing.

Indeed while most of the presentation yesterday was carried out on Powerpoint, the real case examples like voice recognition or Google Goggles were done on the company's Nexus One smartphone.

Singhal added said that Google sees mobile and cloud computing as a critical part of its own future, bringing search whenever and wherever the user wants to have it.

As for "Searching without searches", he declined to label it as "predictive search" although the example that he put forward, that of a smart search engine that pre-orders a device for the wife by combining data it already knows is all about prediction.

Ironically, earlier this year, popular geek website Sitepoint wrote an April fool story about Google implementing "Predictive Searching".