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Audible Finally Releases App For iPhone

Amazon-owned Audible has released a free app for owners of the iPhone and the iPod Touch who want to listen to audiobooks on the move.

The new App supports iOS4 multitasking, chapter navigation, bookmarking, listening and viewing controls plus the ability to download content via Wi-Fi.

Users will also be able to connect to social networks such as Facebook and Twitter and share their favourite audio books with their friends and acquaintances.

Surprisingly, while you can create an Audible account from the app itself, you're not able to purchase anything from the store even with more than 75,000 titles around.

The App will be compatible with the iPad but won't offer anything special in terms of interface design. It will however allow customers to browse through their iPod library and find audio books that have already been downloaded via iTunes or Audible's existing download manager.

It is a tad surprising that Apple has allowed Audible which is a direct competitor to iTunes, to be available on the iPhone. The next step would be for Amazon to get Amazon music on the iPhone but that could well be a step too far.