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Free Bumper For iPhone 4 Owners To Solve Antenna Issue

At yesterday's last-minute press conference in Apple's Cupertino headquarters, the most important announcement was that the company would be giving out free bumpers to iPhone 4 owners worldwide.

As expected, there has been no recall although Steve Jobs said that this scenario was not ruled out (ed : we'd bet against it).

The company, he says, has been investing tens of millions of dollars to find ways to get a better antenna but there are no ways of getting it right.

Jobs said that those who have purchased or will purchase the iPhone 4 until the 30th of September will be entitled to a free bumper casing worth £20 (but costing around £1 to make).

Those who have already purchased one will be able to get a refund and Apple's CEO promised that because of severe capacity constraints, there will be a very wide variety of cases available on Apple's website.

More importantly though, Apple has said that it will refund buyers who are still not satisfied by the iPhone 4 even after the bumper offer.

The event, which lasted around 90 minutes, was attended by a handful of journalists including Bloomberg and Gizmodo, both of whom have been criticised onstage by Steve Jobs and his two sidekicks.

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