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HP To Shift Cupertino Jobs Palo Alto

Hewlett-Packard (HP) is set to close down its long running 100-acre campus in Cupertino, shifting its employees to its Paolo Alto headquarters over the next two years.

The San Jose Mercury reports that HP plans to consolidated the majority of its employees working at its Cupertino campus to "create a more productive, flexible, ecological and highly energised work environment."

In a memo sent to all employees, Pete Bocian, HP's chief administrative officer, said: “Closing the Cupertino site is a big change, and we recognise that the transition will touch all Bay Area employees in some way.”

According to the internal memo, both Paolo Alto and Cupertino campuses are only around 60 per cent occupied, and HP plans to reach 90 per cent capacity in Paolo Alto after the completion of the transition.

Bocian's memo said: "We need to improve efficiency and utilisation of the Cupertino and Paolo Alto sites. Recent analysis shows current utilisation of both sites is low, with only about 60 percent of workspaces in regular use – our goal is to have 90 percent of workspace in regular use."