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Jobs on Antennagate: it's a crock

Apple CEO Steve Jobs managed to whitewash the affair he himself called Antennagate yesterday, as he tried to deflect criticism of his company by claiming all mobile phones have reception problems. But he promised to hand out free iPhone 4 cases to users of the crocked handset anyway.

Jobs claimed that all mobile phones have reception problems but called a Bloomberg report that Apple knew that the iPhone 4 can drop calls if you hold it "wrong" before it shipped the device, "a crock."

Which is a "crock" itself. Or has Apple just found out that all phones do this? According to Jobs: as "It turns out, it’s certainly not unique to the iPhone 4.”

"We think it's affecting a small batch, but it has to do with inherent problems in smartphones. But we want all of our users to be happy," he said, promising to send out free cases - or "bumpers" to iPhone 4 owners so that they work properly.

He told the gathering of hacks in Cupertino yesterday : “This is life in the smartphone world. Phones aren’t perfect. Every phone has weak spots,” he claims.

“All smart phones do that. We haven’t found a way around the law of physics… yet,” Jobs said.

"There is no antennagate, there is a challenge for the entire smart phone industry.”

So that's about it.

There is no problem. Or if there is a problem it's not just Apple's its everyone's.

No mention of the fact that wrapping the antenna around the phone where it can get interfered with by the hand that holds it was a daft idea. No recall then. If you don't like it give the phone back and get your money back.

Apple loves its customers, Jobs insisted. But it loves the money they hand over even more.