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Linux To Dominate Mobile Market By 2015

A recent study has predicted that by 2015, Linux-based operating systems will power the majority of mobile handsets except for high-end smartphones.

According to a report from market analyst ABI Research, entitled "Linux For Mobile Devices", leading Linux-based platforms such as Google's Android and Chrome OS platforms, as well as Nokia and Intel's joint venture, MeeGo, and Palm's webOS will be installed on 62 per cent of non-smartphone devices by 2015.

In a statement, Victoria Fodale, a senior analyst with ABI, said (opens in new tab): “The number of Linux-oriented initiatives recently seen in the mobile industry indicates that Linux will be a key technology in the next generation of netbooks, media tablets, and other mobile devices.”

"Despite the growing number of Linux distributions in the mobile market, Linux has a unified base of upstream components, notably the Linux kernel."

ABI explained that the mobile phone (opens in new tab) market may seem scattered, but as most products are based around the Linux kernel, the platform unifies the market. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.