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Apple Sells More Than 3 Million iPhone 4 In 21 Days

Apart from the free bumper cases, the other big announcement Steve Jobs made on Friday was that the company had managed to flog more than three million iPhone 4 since the phone was launched three weeks earlier.

This means that on average, around 150,000 smartphones were sold everyday and in comparison, the iPad took 80 days to reach this milestone. The only other stats we have regarding iPhone 4 sales is that 1.7 million units were sold in the first three days.

This data is both exciting and slightly worrying and can be read in a number of ways. Apple sold a fifth more iPhone 4 in its first 72 hours than it did in the next 18 days. The average number of phones sold over this period has been 77,500 phones a day.

Still the Cupertino-based company has some leeway. It only needs to sell 30,000 phones a day to smash the 10 million iPhone 4 units sold in one year and the fact that 18 countries will offer the handset by the end of the month can only be good news for the firm.

That said, it might be a tad more difficult to sell 55 million iPhones in 2011 (or 150,000 units a day), a figure put forward by Merrill Lynch Analyst, Scott Craig, back in March 2010.

That's more than total sales of iPhone handsets since its launch back in 2007. In comparison, sales of the iPhone in the last four quarters reached 30 million.

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