Asus enters 23-inch 3D monitor arena

Taiwanese tech conglomerate Asus has just launched a 23-inch 3D-capable monitor, which it claims will eliminate ghosting in games.

According to Asus, the new VG236H has a two millisecond (grey-to-grey) response time, referring to the average time it takes a pixel to go from one shade of grey to another, as opposed to the time it takes to go from black to white and back again.

Along with the display's 120Hz refresh rate, the quick response time is a part of Asus' Trace Free II Technology, which it says "eliminates ghosting and tracers to ensure a smooth gaming and movie experience."

Of course, it's the 120Hz refresh rate that also enables the monitor to output a stereoscopic 3D image, with a 60Hz refresh rate for each eye. Plus, in order to make sure PC gamers get the most out of it immediately, Asus is also including an Nvidia 3D Vision kit in the box.

This includes a pair of active shutter glasses, as well as a remote sensor. This is, of course, fine if you have an Nvidia graphics card, but it won't be an enticing feature for owners of ATI GPUs.

In terms of specs, the widescreen display has a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080, so it will have no problem displaying 1080P video, and it also comes with an anti-reflection panel. Meanwhile, you'll fine HDMI and dual-link DVI connectors on the back, as well as the necessary phono ports for an analogue component cable. According to Asus, a dual-link DVI cable is also included in the box.

The Asus VG236H panel is available in the UK now for £380.36 inc VAT.