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BT To Increase Call Charges By 10 Per Cent

BT has announced that it will be increasing the prices for its fixed home phone lines by 10 per cent, increasing the minimum call cost to 17.3 pence.

The company has said that the rise in charges is needed to help the company manage the effects of the recession.

The Register reports that BT plans to increase the price of connecting a call from 9.9 pence to 10.9 pence, and that each minute thereafter will rise from 5.9 pence to 6.4 pence.

The changes, set to take place from October, will also see fixed line rental rising by 50 pence per month, to £13.29 per month and the company has already sent letters to its 12.5 million customers, informing them of the price rise.

In a statement, BT said: “Like many businesses, we have to review our prices as we seek to cover costs and emerge from recession in good shape. BT’s tries to protect its customers from high prices.”

"BT’s tries to protect its customers from high prices; it has been a key mover in Terminate the Rate, the campaign to get the cost of calling mobiles lowered."