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Can I upgrade my existing TV to Full HD 3D?

Unfortunately, no. 3D TV works in a very different way from conventional TV.

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For a start, it has to send twice as many images to your TV screen as a standard TV broadcast.

This is so that it can provide the separate left-eye and right-eye images that are required to create the 3D effect.

It also requires a lot of intelligent signal processing to ensure that there's no overlap or blur between these separate images.

This is called 'crosstalk', and can make the 3D effect appear fuzzy. Eliminating it requires a lot of very sophisticated technology, such as Panasonic's superfast 600Hz Intelligent Frame Creation Pro, which has to be built into the TV set itself.

So although Panasonic's new 3D TVs are capable of making your conventional 2D TV pictures look more gorgeous than ever, if you connect a 3D Blu-ray player or Sky 3D broadcast to a non-3D television, you won't see any 3D effect.