Feargal Sharkey in line for House of Lords

Feargal Sharkey, former front man of punk legends the Undertones, will almost certainly end up with a permanent seat in the House of Lords, according to reports.

The one-time singer, who has more recently made a name for himself as an outspoken anti-piracy advocate in his role as head of record industry pressure group UK Music, has apparently received cross-party support, which will almost guarantee him a place in the Upper House of the British Parliament.

Shiny-faced public-school twinkie David Cameron is said to be very impressed with 51-year-old Sharkey and his music biz shenanigans according to a 'senior Government source' who spoke to the Mirror.

The Derry-born warbler, who was responsible for legendary DJ John Peel's all-time favourite track Teenage Kicks, once offered readers of a Daily Telegraph blog £20 if they could make sense of the 2003 Licensing Act, which covers pub performers.

Sharkey is one of the few music industry insiders to have supported new business models rather than draconian legal measures to combat music piracy.