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Gizmodo Editor Search Warrant Dropped

Gizmodo editor Jason Chen has been reunited with the goods seized by police in April looking for evidence in the case of an allegedly stolen iPhone 4 prototype.

The San Mateo district Attorney granted the withdrawal of the search warrant used to raid Chen's home, the San Francisco Chronicle has reports.

Internet rights group the Electronic Frontier Foundation reports that the order reads: "All items seized shall be returned forthwith to and Jason Chen."

Chen’s computers, hard drives, mobile phones and other equipment were seized when police broke into Chen's home after the editor was accused of illegally obtaining the prototype, which had been left by an Apple software engineer at a bar in Redwood City, California, where he was at a birthday celebration.

Soon after, Gizmodo published a detailed review of the phone online.

Although the court has returned Chen’s belongings, the investigation is set continue.

"Mr. Chen's attorney came to us with the idea that if we agreed to withdraw the search warrant, they would agree to grant us access to the information. All the legal and First Amendment issues are now moot” said Steve Wagstaffe, chief deputy district attorney at San Mateo County.