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Google Drops Nexus One Smartphone

Google has announced that the next batch of Nexus One smartphones will be the last to go on sale, technology news website Tech Tree reports.

The search giant stated on its official Nexus One blog that HTC will deliver the last shipment of Nexus Ones later this week. Google will stop selling the phone in the US, but, while stocks last, it will still be available in the UK through Vodafone and through KT in Korea.

The Nexus One will also be sold to registered application developers through a sales partner.

Google had already stated that it will close the web store used to advertise hardware for the Android platform.

The company has reassured Nexus One owners that it will continue to provide support via its customer services.

In a recent interview, Google CEO Eric Schmidt said that the Nexus one experiment had been a success, but that company does not plan to release any further versions of its smartphone.