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Law Firms Demand Cash From Illegal File Sharers

Lawyers representing dance music label Ministry of Sound have sent letters to thousands of suspected illegal file sharers in Britain, threatening to take them to court.

The label seeks to extract substantial damages from the illegal file sharers, unless they agree to pay compensation of around £350.

The Guardian reports that law firm Gallant Macmillan, which specialises in media litigation, has sent around 2,000 letters to internet users, accusing them of illegally downloading copyrighted music files from Ministry of Sound albums.

This action follows similar measures initiated by ACS:Law, which has also sent letters to thousands of Britons, demanding up to £1,000 compensation for illegally downloading songs, or risk court action.

Speaking to The Guardian, letter recipient Luke Bellamy said: “Getting a letter like this is extremely worrying. I have never downloaded anything from this website and yet I am being chased for this money. My parents have been worried by this, and frankly I've got better things to do with my time than deal with this.”