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Microsoft Hires DARPA Boffin

Microsoft has hired the former head of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University as the director of its Research department.

Dr Peter Lee, who is also responsible for innovative development at the military Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), will join Microsoft later in the year and will report directly to Microsoft research vice president Rick Rashid.

Rashid said: “Peter has long played a strong leadership and service role within the research community, both at DARPA and Carnegie Mellon University."

“His extensive background in both research and service to the community will allow him to continue the tradition of excellence in research at Microsoft and help lead us to new heights.”

Dr Lee will replace the company's former research director Rico Malwar, who has become Microsoft's chief scientist.

Speaking to Information week, Lee said: “While Microsoft Research's revolutionary advances affect just about every desktop, enterprise and mobile system in the world, what I find most exciting is Microsoft Research's ability to influence and inspire countless numbers of researchers, students, and technology leaders.”