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Microsoft Zune Pass Finally Coming To UK

Microsoft has started to offer the Zune Pass subscription in the UK in preparation for the launch of Windows Phone 7 towards the end of the year.

As first mentioned by, you can already sign up for the service here now with prices starting from £8.99 for one month period and £26.97 for three months. There's also a 14-day trial pass which requires you to hand over your credit card details although you won't be charged.

Customers will be able to play tracks on the XBox 360, Windows and Windows Phone 7 and Zune devices. Technically Zune players are not available in the UK but a number of third parties (and sites like Ebay) offer them at competitive prices.

Zune Pass, which has been available for four years, is one of Microsoft's most useful service as it gives you unlimited access to millions of sound tracks for a fixed fee with 10 DRM free tracks for users to keep each month.

In April last year, we said that the Zune should become a Phone and that it would great if it could integrate with Windows Phone 7.