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New Xbox 360 Slim Cause UK Prices Of Fat Consoles To Drop

There are anecdotal evidences that retailers across UK are aggressively clearing out stocks of the old Xbox 360 "fat" gaming console as Microsoft hikes up its campaign to get sufficient stocks of the new Xbox 360 Slim around.

After news that the new model is selling out fast, we've witnessed some heavy discounting like for example from household name Argos which is selling the Xbox 360 Elite Console for £152 while throwing in a truckload of goodies.

For the price you get, the gaming console, Super Street Fighter, Burnout Paradise, Trivial Pursuit and an additional controller (as part of the Entertainment pack).

The Xbox Slim 360 costs as little as £200 with Gears of War 2, PGR 4 and Fable 2 which some argue is better value than the older Xbox 360 especially as the former comes with integrated Wi-Fi and a bigger hard disk drive.

But then, the new console still costs £40 more, an extra amount that can be used to buy more games, and doesn't bring anything new in terms of raw performance or major features.