News@5: Xbox 360 S Sold Out, Coca-Cola Facebook Promotion Pulled & New BT Call Charges

Demand for Microsoft's redesigned Xbox 360 S has outstripped supply. Microsoft had launched the new console in the UK on 16 July, but within a day the device had sold out in many retailers across the country.

Millions of Muslim Facebook users are threatening to quit the social network after Islamic pages were removed. The 2.5 million protesters have threatened to switch to an Islamic social network 'Medina' if Facebook does not restore the pages by midnight on 21 July.

Google has announced that the next batch of Nexus one smartphones will be the last to go on sale. The company will stop selling the phone in the US, but, while stocks last, it will still be available in the UK through Vodafone and through KT in Korea.

Coca-Cola has pulled a promotion on Facebook for the soft drink Dr. Pepper, after one mother discovered the company had posted a pornographic reference on her daughter's profile page.

BT has announced that it will be increasing the prices for its fixed home phone lines by 10 per cent, increasing the minimum call cost to 17.3 pence. The company has said that the rise in charges is needed to help the company manage the effects of the recession.