Prices Of 1TB Hard Disk Drives Reach 4p Per GB

The average price of super large capacity hard disk drives is rapidly plummeting as we noticed this morning that the cost of 1TB hard disks had slipped under £40 price barrier, in other words, £1 now buys you 25GB worth of space.

Play is selling an external Verbatim 1TB hard disk drive for £40 while online retailer Aria has an internal Samsung Ecogreen G2 drive for £29.99 excluding VAT and delivery.

That's roughly, half the price of Blu-ray read-only storage and almost on par with the cost of DVD storage. Arguably, capacities quoted are unformatted and backing up a whole hard disk is proving to be more and more problematic.

Still, the prospect of replacing a whole stack of DVD or blu-ray disks with one single hard disk drive is tantalising especially as it is economically now viable, has the added benefit of being rewritable and eliminates the need of any physical media.

Both devices listed above are in no way the best of their categories but then they both come with two year warranty and the Verbatim model runs at 7200rpm plus Nero's Back It Up Essentials application.