Rackspace And NASA Team Up For OpenStack

Data centre and cloud infrastructure service provider Rackspace Hosting has released the development codes for its open-source cloud platform, OpenStack.

The company hoes that by releasing the codes, it will be able to create a standard for developing cloud computing environments.

Tech news site V3 reports that the company has released the code in partnership with NASA and 20 other major technology companies that are pushing for the industry wide deployment of cloud based systems.

Speaking to V3, Rackspace's head of cloud computing, Fabio Torlini, said: “We have 80,000 customers using our cloud products, so they are proven stable and mature. As such, we believe there is a big opportunity in open source and that adoption will really take off once we have fully defined standards.”

The company has provided the code for its cloud file storage system, Object Storage and has said that it will also integrate the technology that powers NASA's Nebula Cloud Computing Platform.