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Samsung unveils the future of television

Samsung has revealed the future of television with an ultra-thin, Internet connected, 3D capable 55-incher.

The Series 9 is infeasibly thin at just under 8mm at its fattest point, but the compromise is that all of the ports and connectors have been rammed into the base unit, which in our book pretty much makes all of that effort a bit pointless.

The whole idea of thin TV sets is that they can be flush-mounted to a wall and this is going to look pretty stupid hovering above your fireplace with a big slab of a stand hanging off of the bottom. Perhaps they'll realise the error of their ways and release a version with a break-out box which can be hidden away in a cupboard with all of the other connected gubbins.

The Series 9 has a 55 inch LED back-lit LCD screen, a fancy new remote which looks more like a touch-screen smartphone than the familiar button-bristling slabs of plastic we have become used to, and all of the connectivity options you'd expect from a $10,000 telly.

It's quite unlikely you'll see any of your friends installing one of these unless their name is Beckham, but the Series 9 does give a tantalising glimpse of what we can all expect from the idiot box of the future.