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Show Girl Hunter competition launches

Booth babes will always be a contentious issue for the tech industry.

Scantily-clad ladies clutching naked motherboards are as much part of the tech conference grind as overpriced beer, inedible food and crappy hotel rooms.

Wherever there's a gathering of techno-geeks - who, let's face it, are generally male, commonly of a certain age, and more often than not so socially inept as to make finding and keeping a girlfriend a task of Herculean proportions - someone will decide it's a good idea to have lots of pretty young girls wearing a minimum of clothing.

The prevalence of 'booth babes' - as we are led to believe they are commonly known among the less enlightened - has been cyclical over the past two decades, with the number of girls, and the length of their skirts, ever changing in tune with whatever the current moral climate happens to be.

The jury is out as far as we are concerned. On the one hand we find it a bit disconcerting that these poor girls are being paid to pretend to be interested in paunchy balding, geeks clutching plastic bags full of free crap.

Then again, if the girls weren't there, the only thing to look at would be the aforementioned male monstrosities.

What we do find really worrying, however, is that someone would set up a Facebook account (opens in new tab)called Show Girl Hunter and offer amateur snappers a free iPad to come up with the best pic of a promotional popsie.

According to the page, which we haven't corrected in any way because it's much funnier in its original Chinglish:

[How to get iPad] Being ECS fans on Facebook, and uploading the show girl photos you take. You will have chance to get prizes. One person (one account) doesn’t be limited the numbers of uploading photos. The most popular photos can win “Best Popularity Award” and take away the biggest prize Apple iPad home.

All sounds a bit too creepy for our liking. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.