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Supplies run out of Google Nexus One

Google has announced the HTC handset made specifically for the Internet search giant which runs their own OS will no longer be available, after the current shipment arriving this week runs out. The Google website that sells the mobile phone will close up shop when this final stock clears, with no more mobile phones arriving and no more being requested.

Google has stated recently the Nexus One venture for them was a success, where they will continue to support the handset. They will also continue to sell the current stock of these handsets elsewhere in the world too, with their partners such as Vodafone in the UK.

The Android based handset was the first to be updated to Froyo, or version 2.2 of the Google mobile platform and is still a much sort after handset where it's popular by developers who will still be able to source the handset only through different means.

If you still wish to buy the handset time is distinctly running out, as there won't be any more manufactured soon although the HTC Desire is still a good alternative and it is more or less the same handset.


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