Taiwan video exposes evil Apple empire

A Taiwanese news outlet has created an animated video to better illustrate the Apple Antennagate affair, complete with a light sabre battle between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, Jason Chen having his back door kicked in by the cops and the Apple supremo's reality distortion field.

It has about as much to do with the news as most of the rest of the reports doing the rounds about the iPhone 4 and its apparently shonky reception, but it's hilarious all the same, even if you can't understand the language.

Check it out here quickly as we're pretty sure either Apple or George Lucas will have it taken down in short order.

Steve Jobs stood up in front of an invited audience of tame journalists last Friday and announced that there was nothing wrong with the iPhone 4 and if you don't like it you should stop whining and take it back for a full and unconditional refund.

Alternatively, if you can't bear to parted from what most [fanbois] are hailing as the best smartphone ever made, you can have a free case which should get rid of those pesky Death Grip issues.