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Xbox 360 Is Fastest Selling Updated Gaming Console

The new Microsoft Xbox 360 Slim has apparently managed to become the biggest selling revised gaming console of all times, outselling the likes of the Playstation 2 Slim and the PS3 Slim in their opening sales figures.

According to analyst firm, Chart-Track, a detailed report has yet to be compiled but early numbers show that the new device could not only bests those of second generation consoles from Sony but also beat sales figures of the original Xbox 360.

The gaming console which carries a suggested retail price of £199, has already seen its price fall significantly over the past few weeks.

Retailers are offering the console alone for around £189 and many are offering game bundles for £199 to entice users to buy the Xbox 360 Slim.

We've reported earlier today that retailers across the UK were dropping the price of existing Xbox 360 gaming consoles to make way for the new models. Then there was the earlier note that many retailers have sold out the Xbox 360 Slim within 48 hours.

The new console carries a 250GB hard disk drive, twice the one found in the Elite, integrated Wi-Fi, a slimmer body and an improved hardware (45nm manufacturing, one single fan) and native support for Microsoft's Kinect.