Anti-Piracy Consortium Launches UltraViolet DRM

The Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE) has announced a new digital rights management (DRM) system, 'UltraViolet'.

According to Home Media Magazine, the consortium also announced a new logo for its branded services and the inclusion of three new members in the organisation: LG Electronics, LOVEFiLM and Marvell Semiconductor.

The consortium now comprises of 58 technology and media companies.

UltraViolet will offer an online 'locker' in which users will be able to store purchases from online retail partners. They can then access the media from a range of registered devices.

The media will come embedded with DRM software to prevent unauthorised copying.

In a statement, Mitch Singer, the chair of the DECE and Chief Technology Officer at Sony Pictures Entertainment, said: “Our goal is to firmly establish UltraViolet as the symbol for digital entertainment, one that gives consumers the freedom of access wherever they are, the confidence of knowing how it will work and the most choice of content, stores and devices.”