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Apple May Surpass Microsoft In Revenue This Quarter

Apple may overtake Microsoft in revenue this week, if the company reports higher than predicted revenues for its end quarter results on Tuesday.

Fortune's Andy M. Zaky believes that Apple is a "hairs breadth away" from surpassing Microsoft in revenue, even though Microsoft remains unchallenged in terms of net income.

Zaky suggests that Apple is riding high on the success of its mobile products and notebooks, giving it the results to surpass Microsoft when it announces its end quarter results. Microsoft is set to announce its end quarter results on Thursday.

He also notes that if it fails to surpass Microsoft in revenue this quarter, then it should exceed it at the end of the next quarter.

A recent poll conduct by Thompson Reuters estimated that Apple will report a net income of $2.85 billion and a revenue of $14.62 billion, but the company is known to consistently perform better than predicted by analysts.

Microsoft is expected to report a net income of $4.1 billion and post a revenue of $15.15 billion.